Why? Because we are in sales!

People come to us because we have what they want. We have what they need! Braces are a right of passage and a great smile is practically the birthright of everyone in this country! Good for us and great for all our patients!  Sales is not a dirty word. Sales is the oldest profession – you may have heard differently but a deal had to be struck first! We only prescribe work that needs to be done and the work we do is beneficial to our patients so it is in their best interest to make what we are selling affordable and get the deal done so the patient can get the treatment they need.

What does it mean to Always Be Closing?

It means that we think and speak in presumptive terms because the presumptive close is a powerful technique to help us all get to where we want to be (along with great customer service, great financing and awesome clinical results).

What is a presumptive close? I’m glad you asked… Here are a few examples we might use while talking with a new patient (while taking records, while giving the office tour or while chit-chatting before the doctor arrives).

What kind of braces are you going to get today, Johnny? Clear or metal?

What kind of WildSmiles are you going to get, Susie? Razorbacks, Hearts, Stars, Soccer balls, Flowers, Diamonds or Footballs? Maybe you’ll mix and match??

What do you think your friends will say when you show up at school with braces on, Johnny?

What colors are you going to get on your braces, Susie?

The presumptive close starts with a mindset. We truly believe that patients don’t come to our office NOT to get braces! Today! Why would they? Why would you and your team believe otherwise? You are changing the world one smile at a time! Start with the patient in front of you!

[1] Glengary Glen Ross

4 thoughts on “ABC… Always Be Closing! (1)

  1. This is great! Every staff member should be setting the intention from the moment the new patient walks through the door.

  2. No doubt! It takes a team to get the job done and render great service. Having everyone on the same page is incredibly important!

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