The Anatole Hotel is completely booked but there are still some tickets available for Doctors and Teams who want to attend the 3rd Annual MKS Form! There are several hotels very close to the Anatole (Bridget and I stayed in one last year). Click here to register for MKS 2017.

In addition to the Friday and Saturday MKS events, there is also an Invisalign course all day Thursday so you can get your Invisalign meeting fix even though there is no Ortho Summit this year. Click here to register for the Invisalign Meeting.

We also need to thank the awesome sponsors who make The MKS Forum possible. Be sure to tell them you appreciate their efforts and commitment.

Remember that 50% of the proceeds from MKS benefit Smile For A Lifetime Foundation and join us in Dallas for another great meeting with some incredible fellowship as a bonus. Don’t wait to register and let the meeting sell out like it has the past two years. Remember, there are several hotels very close to the Anatole. Ask your MKS staff members for help in getting registered and finding a place to stay (Sorry but I can’t help with questions as I have no part in MKS since I donated my interests to Smile for a Lifetime). You can reach them at [email protected]


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