Who doesn’t like free?

Carestream has generously offered to give you your very own copy of Straighter: The Rules of Orthodontics free! Just stop by the Carestream booth Saturday (today) at 11:00 AM or Sunday at 1:00 PM and I’ll have one waiting for you. Of course supplies are limited so don’t miss out. I also have the complete blueprints for my new office, Smiley Face, and we can discuss the why and how of what we are doing in Orlando if you’re so inclined.

If you aren’t in DC at the AAO Annual Session we will miss you but you can still get a copy of the book by clicking here. I guarantee it will challenge the way you think about orthodontics, open your mind to new possibilities and thus give you options and choices you’ve never considered. And if you don’t like the book just return it and I’ll give all $49.99 back. You can’t beat that!

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