For my entire career as an orthodontist I’ve been asked daily, “Does my child need braces?” by parents who want the best for their kids. My answer is always the same, “If you think your child needs braces, they probably do and if you think your child doesn’t need braces you’re probably right as well!” Since the advent of clear aligners like Invisalign and SmileDirectClub I’ve been asked thousands of times if Invisalign/SmileDirectClub are appropriate for teenage kids. My answer to this question is just as consistent – PROBABLY! But since every case is overseen by a licensed dental professional and because treatment is customized for each customer, the only way to find out for sure if SmileDirectClub is the way to go for your child is to submit photos and other records. The good news is that submitting your child’s case for review takes just a few minutes and is very easy as you will see by clicking here.

I can tell you that children and teens who still have baby teeth, who have impacted teeth (adult teeth that will not come in the mouth), who have cavities or who have gum disease are unlikely to be treated by SmileDirectClub doctors until these issues are addressed. Every SmileDirectClub patient is required to be current with their family dentist to insure their safety so if you have questions about any of these conditions you can ask your dentist at your next visit. Good oral health is vital whether or not you plan on getting your child’s teeth straight so seeing your dentist every six months is a very good idea no matter what. I can also tell you from experience that most of the teen cases I review as an Endorsed Local Provider for SmileDirectClub are appropriate and if your child has clean teeth with no cavities that need treatment, the odds are very good that SmileDirectClub can give your child straighter teeth and an improved smile.

SmileDirectClub is very effective at straightening and aligning crooked teeth – which is what most people want in my experience. SmileDirectClub does not use rubber bands or headgear to address overjet and there is no tooth removal with SmileDirectClub cases. SmileDirectClub straightens the teeth your child was born with but will not attempt to change the jaws or the bite in the way that traditional orthodontics seeks to do. This is an important fact to know and understand. If you are concerned with your child’s bite then it’s a good idea to also visit an orthodontic specialist for a consultation before deciding who will treat your teen’s teeth.

I hope this has been useful and helped answer the questions I know parents have. You can click here to have access to a Q&A about SmileDirectClub I did a couple weeks ago. Good luck to you and your child – Everyone deserves a great smile!

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