People send me unsolicited samples all the time and I admit that I’ll rarely mess with them unless it’s something I’m interested in… But I received some Plaque HD a while back and though it sat on my shelf for quite a while (honestly, it sat there until we ran out of toothpaste and was our only option one night) we’ve been using it on our kids for the last few weeks. The point being is that Plaque HD works as advertised and now that I’ve tried it I plan to keep using it on my kids and offering it in my office to help patients with OH issues. Just thought I’d share what I’ve learned. Here’s the Plaque HD website
PS No, I’m not being paid or compensated in any way for posting this (other than them sending me a sample to try).
PSS The photo is my son, William!

One thought on “Plaque HD Toothpaste Works!

  1. I recommend it to all my clients as I hear nothing but rave reviews from my Members. I like it because it can help parents get more involved with kids that are poor brushers especially while in braces. Cute son, btw. 💓

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