Enjoy this guest blog from Dr. Marc Ackerman. I find it interesting, thought provoking and an excellent prelude to the 2019 NewConn Meeting

There’s an old adage that states, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” There’s also another old adage that proclaims, “Big hat-no cattle.” Oh, how these quaint euphemisms so describe the orthodontic cosmos today. As I continually survey the popular topics of those on the lecture circuit and the advertorial/testimonials in the trade rags, I am dumbfounded by how pervasive orthodontic doublespeak is and how most of you out there seem to let it fly over your collective heads.

In the modern era of general obfuscation by public leadership, I find terms like downsizing (layoffs), alternative facts (lies), ethnic cleansing (genocide) and negative cash flow (broke) substituted by pundits and prostitizers in lieu of genuine candor. Here are some oldies but goodies and some newfangled phrases uttered by cattleless orthodontists preying on your lack of critical thinking:

  • Patient Centered Treatment (Patient Marginalized Treatment?)
  • Compromise Orthodontic Treatment (Enhancement Orthodontic Treatment?)
  • Growth Prediction (Fortune Telling?)
  • Airway Friendly Orthodontics (Airway Unfriendly Treatment?)
  • Sagittal First Treatment (Vertical First or Transverse First Treatment?)

Maybe we should all rev up our neurons and question those who sell these notions. Or, we could just continue to invent new euphemisms to add to orthodontic doublespeak, e.g-Do it yourself orthodontics (Teleorthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners?)

Just sayin…

P.S.-Kevin O’Brien, feel free to repackage this idea and blast it out over your wonk-o-sphere.


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