The days of telling patients what to do and expecting them to follow blindly are over and I, for one, am glad!

What does this mean for orthodontists?

  • It means that the way “we have always done it” is not particularly relevant going forward.
  • It means that shoppers will become the norm, not the exception and we better learn to appreciate it when patients give us an opportunity to compete for their business.
  • It means that shoppers will be researching their options and your reputation online and will often have a good idea about whom they will do business with before they arrive at your office.
  • It means that the plethora of Social Media sites, the meeting places for “Alpha Moms, Mavens, Mommy Bloggers and Soccer Moms”, will become a vital source of information for your prospective patients and parents even though participation in SM defies most attempts to measure ROI.
  • It means that we need to act like waiters in a nice restaurant and tell the patient about our offerings, their options and try to accommodate them within reason while realizing that patients are ultimately in charge of treatment!

It’s an exciting time. Change is good and it’s occurring whether you like it or not!

One thought on “The Paternal Model Is DEAD

  1. I completely agree… In an age where parents can do their own research, a simple referral will no longer be the only way to discover a specialist, no matter how great friends you are with the referring doctor. I’ve heard Ben speak a few times about scripting and any healthcare professional should care about how services are pitched as well as delivered. Consider your surroundings!

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