I posted a really crappy two-part video of us doing a bond on Ortho101 a couple years ago. I took the time to video our bond process because people were convinced we couldn’t put braces on as fast as I said we could… Well, we can and after many requests I’ve finally gotten around to doing another, what I hoped would be a much better, video… But somehow the video starts as Brittany is finishing the etching instead of as she was placing the retractor – I’m not sure how that happened but I’m posting what I have now and I’ll put up a new one when I get it done. Check it out and have your team check it out – seeing is believing.

Now, before you start telling me how we don’t etch properly or don’t butter the brackets properly or that our isolation isn’t done properly or whatever (I was told all this last time), remember a few things:

  1. The brackets stay on the teeth – we have very low bond failure.
  2. We get the braces on very quickly – patients like this and it makes same day starts very easy.
  3. Results are all that matter. Technique is only important in terms of the results they render.
  4. Putting what you do every day out into the world for everyone to criticize is not the easiest thing to do. Try it yourself sometime if you don’t believe me! Remember that I’ve never claimed to be a clinical guru. I’m just sharing what we do on a normal day with you in hopes of helping others. This bond took place in the middle of a 150 patient day because I happened to have someone with the time to video it.

Anyway, let fly with your questions and let me know if I can help. Here’s the link to the video.

6 thoughts on “13 Minute Bond VIDEO

  1. Thank you Ben. Could you please tell me what curing light you are using and how long you cure each bracket.

  2. thanks for sharing. What type of retractors are you using and I see they come with a tongue piece or you buy the tongue piece separately?

  3. Very nice quality- video! Thank you!

    What etching- gel are you using? I can only see the 3M- SEP but i guess thats the second step before applying the brackets ?

  4. I’m hoping to do another video today from the beginning but I’ll at least put all the products on the table and take a photo. J should have thought of that. Thanks.

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