The AAO announced yesterday that Chris Vranas has been dismissed as AAO Executive Director and that AAO Past President, Dr. DeWayne McCamish, is acting as Interim Executive Director. While I firmly believe that this is a net positive for the AAO, I am concerned about the secrecy, closed door sessions and rampant rumors swirling around this event. While I understand that some things cannot be shared, I strongly urge the AAO Board of Trustees and the new AAO President to strive for transparency instead of allowing speculation to run wild – both in this situation and as a general policy going forward. The AAO BOT has too long operated in secret and the current excitement is a great opportunity to show that things have changed. An opportunity that can be seized for the benefit of all or squandered.

I hope the AAO President and Board of Trustees will make the right decision before this gets out of hand.