You need to be the best or at least be working towards that goal. If you don’t believe you’re the best orthodontist in your area, then you better get busy getting better! After all, you have moral and ethical obligations to patients. They are entitled to the best possible care so if you’re not the best, shouldn’t you refer them to the best orthodontist in your area?

Kind of a catch 22 isn’t it?

How do you define the best? I’ll admit that it’s a multifactorial determination but we should always be improving what we do and how we do it for the sake of our patients and their care. How? There are tons of resources these days for progressive doctors interested in improving! There is no excuse for being static in our mindset or our abilities. Two of the best places to hone your clinical skills are CCO and Pragmatic Orthodontic Clinical Discussions where you can interact 24/7 with peers from all over the world. Get engaged and get better. You owe it to yourself and your patients.

One thought on “Are You The Best Orthodontist In Your Area?

  1. Excellent information. I often find my client is known as the best but they do not display an image of the best. “Image brings the patient to the door and quality keeps them there.” Outdated decor, sign, website, mobile site, outfits, walk out package ..,,etc are easy to fix. It is so important to reinvest in the image of your practice .

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