As discussed before, PRIDE IS EXPENSIVE. In the modern world we must educate current patients on when and how to tell their friends, family and neighbors to come see us. This is a win-win as patients get to see an orthodontic specialist and you get to grow your practice. Here’s another example of how to ask for patients:

Sometimes in a new patient consult I notice that mom (or dad) has crooked teeth. Though it’s extremely uncomfortable, I force myself to ask,

“So mom, are you going to do braces with little Johnny? We have lots of parents who go through treatment with their kids!”

I know the idea of doing this is as terrifying to most orthodontists as it was to me the first time my friend, Patrick Kircher, suggested that I speak up and ask parents if they had considered braces. It’s perfectly logical to ask mom if she wants braces too though. She is there and brought little Johnny to you so it is obvious she values straight teeth. You can see her teeth are less than perfect and you know you can make them better. However, many find it’s just not that simple when it comes down to actually doing it! And once you finally get the nerve to ask, you can probably guess what mom’s response will be.

“I need to get little Johnny taken care of first.”

This response used to stop me in my tracks! But now nod and say,

“I understand. Many mom’s have the same concern but we feel it’s important to make treatment affordable enough that you can go through this process together! It’s a great bonding experience plus doing braces together saves big bucks on gas and missing work!”

Does mom start every time? Not even close! But we have opened up the lines of communication, educated mom on what is possible and planted a seed at minimum. Another win-win!