There is no better time to ask patients to refer their friends, family and neighbors than TODAY. What did you think I was going to say? At debond? In the new patient consult? When they give you a compliment? Yes! Those are great times too but you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time, you should ask early, often and repeatedly. In the final installment of this series I’ll give you a few more example scenarios on how to ask for new patients from your current patients.

 On the new patient phone call:

Receptionist: “I’m so glad you called! You’re going to love Dr. Smith! She is an awesome orthodontist and I cannot wait for you to meet her! Since little Johnny is coming to see us anyway, is there anyone else in the family who would like to get checked out? The American Association of Orthodontists and Dr. Smith recommend that kids are seen by age 7 for a screening. We are also seeing more and more adults taking care of their smiles these days so it’s fun for the whole family!”

 At debond:

Doctor or team member: “Your new smile is awesome but we hate that we won’t get to see you as often! You need to make sure you come see us any time you’re in the area and send all your cool friends to get braces here. Cool people like you always have awesome friends and we would love to see them!”

 At a restaurant/clothing store/etc.:

Doctor or team member to server: “You’re a great waiter! I appreciate awesome service when I get it. Thanks so much! I’m great at what I do as well and I’m part of a fantastic team just like you!”

Server: “What do you do?”

Doctor or team member (as appropriate): “I’m an orthodontist/clinician/receptionist/etc. at _______________. We love helping people get the best possible smile! If you know anyone who has always wanted a great smile please tell them to come see us! You wouldn’t believe how technology and affordability has changed over the years. It’s not like it used to be”.

Talking about this make you cringe? I totally understand. But that feeling of discomfort that comes from pushing the envelope is much better than the sickening realization that your practice is not growing, or worse, is shrinking!