And not the good kind of lazy that utilizes excellent systems to make life easier and better for patients, assistants and orthodontists (some call that efficiency). No, doctor, this is laziness that results from a desire to do less work. We band for our convenience because we don’t want to leave our desk and go to the chair to position brackets that far back in the mouth and we don’t want to deal with broken brackets on the first/second molars and we don’t want to take the time to learn how to bond molars effectively or change. That doesn’t sound too bad except for a few factors we tend to neglect. Thinks like:

  1. Separators are terrible, painful things, especially for adult patients
  2. Bands are terrible for hygiene – probably worse than open margins or overhanging fillings
  3. Lots of orthodontists bond molars effectively so it is probably possible
  4. It takes only seconds to repair a broken molar tube if you know what you are doing
  5. Bands come loose just as often as brackets if you look at the total number of bands vs. brackets instead of just by the case because there are many times more brackets than bands in the average case

Still disagree and believe that bands are the best option? Ok, well, you have to do what you think is best for your patients. But, before you decide I’m off my rocker, have one of your assistants place separators in YOUR MOUTH to remind you of what you’re putting patients through.