I often discuss what I would do if I was an orthodontic residents coming out of school today and dead set on owning a practice in a competitive area – as opposed to living where there is a need. We are in total agreement that we would purchase a large dental practice or group of practices and then start an orthodontic practice within the existing patient base and new patient flow.

I know this sounds crazy to most but think about it. Controlling your own destiny and your own patient base is the name of the game these days and a million dollar dental practice can produce more than enough patients to supply a start up orthodontic practice while producing income from normal dental operations as well. You could keep the seller on as an associate, hire an associate or do the dentistry yourself. In most states it’s perfectly legal to do both the orthodontics and the dentistry! I know most residents recoil at the idea of doing dentistry but, seriously, the days of making business decisions based on what you want are over or soon will be. If you want to insure your success as a practice owner you need to think nontraditionally and be prepared to do whatever it takes! In our opinion, buying a dental practice instead of buying an orthodontic practice or starting from scratch is a great option and will allow you to have plenty of cash flow and new patients while you start your orthodontic practice.

You can do it!!


7 thoughts on “Buy a Dental Practice!

  1. Dr. Burris,
    We couldn’t agree more and our firm is proud of helping you acquire several dental and orthodontic practices.
    We look forward to helping you and others through the process.
    Best wishes,
    Carl Grimes
    Confidental Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM

  2. I love this advice/perspective. I’ve been to a number of General Dental sales open houses and have found the selling docs bewildered by the idea of an Ortho purchasing the practice. In those cases it seems the selling GP is fairly selective on who they are selling to under the pretense of wanting to keep their loyal patient base happy and well taken care of by a GP whom they select to become the new owner of their practice. I imagine it’s area dependent and seller dependent and that the right offer may make the difference.

  3. It may appear so but I have to tell you that from what I’ve seen it all comes down to the best offer getting the practice. Perhaps I’m jaded but I’ve seen one too many dentists and dental specialists talk about doing what is right for the patients or the profession or both only to be money driven in the end. Besides, you can’t control what other people do and think so don’t worry about it.
    This is just business. selling a practice is a business transaction. Convince the selling doctor that you’re the best option for him or her and the patients. Nobody is going to hand this stuff to you! Work it!

  4. The only one handing out free stuff is you with your helpful advice/insight. Many thanks!!

  5. I never even thought of this option until I read your blog. Definitely something worth considering! Thank you for sharing new creative ideas to the us beginning orthodontists.

  6. You bet! There is nothing more fun than helping our fellow orthodontic specialists!

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