There is often talk about what to do when a patient is happy with their result and wants their braces off but the orthodontist still thinks there is work to be done. I think you know my position if you’ve read anything I’ve written – TAKE THE BRACES OFF! We work for the patient and the teeth belong to the patient so why do we think  we can dictate how they will live their lives? Anyway, it seems that even those who consent to patient wishes and remove the braces when asked still worry about “liability” so Bridget and I thought we would help you out and share the form we have patients/parents sign when they want braces off. Enjoy and have a great week!

Discontinuation of Treatment – Blank Form

PS This same form works for non-compliance or hygiene and those removes are easy as well as long as you Don’t Piss Momma Off!

2 thoughts on “Discontinuation Of Treatment Form

  1. Hi Dr Burris, does the patient still pay the full amount? Also, if it’s by the parent’s request, do you provide retainers and the usual retention check for one year?

  2. Depends on the circumstances but yes if the patient is satisfied and wants the braces off then they owe the contracted amount – they get retainers as long as they pay the contracted amount. We don’t require them to pay in full at Debond just keep to the agreed upon financing.

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