I said it. Don’t give your team any candy or flowers or gift cards or balloons for Valentine’s Day!


Instead, doctor, spend the entire day with laser focus critically analyzing how you and your team do things in the office… AND complimenting team members at every opportunity for all the awesome things they do for you on a daily basis. You couldn’t do what you do without your team but if you’re like most orthodontists, you rarely if ever praise team members for all the “little things” they do to make your day great. It’s Our Nature to ignore what is right and focus only on what is wrong after all!  But make today different. You can do it. Be grateful for your team and SHOW IT. Need some help? Here are a few of the most common compliments I give out all day, every day because they are well deserved:

“Wow, you did an awesome job on that setup.”

“Great job on isolation for that case. Johny had a crazy active tongue!”

“Way to go on making mom happy – that was a tough situation.”

“Thanks so much for giving me the background on that case before I had a chance to run my mouth and get in trouble!”

Work hard to catch your team members doing things right. They work hard and want to to do a good job so notice when they do and speak up! It costs a lot less than chocolates, is appreciated just as much and is appropriate EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

On second thought – give compliments and goodies today! Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, because your team is awesome, because you are grateful and because life is so good!

8 thoughts on “Doctor, Don’t Give Your Staff Anything for Valentine’s Day

  1. Right on Ben … everyday should be Valentines Day ❤️

  2. It’s a constant struggle for us orthodontists but once we get in the habit of catching people doing things right it gets much easier.

  3. That’s a terrific idea. Staff members always complain to me their Dr’s. Don’t recognize or appreciate their extra efforts.

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