TCs hate doing recall more than just about anything. Orthodontists hate trying to insure TCs do their recall at least as much as TCs hate doing recall! So why don’t we just avoid doing recall altogether?

How you ask? Very simply! Start today!!

In our offices, we assume that everyone who is ready will start today. We know that our doctors only prescribe treatment that is necessary, good for the patient and that they only do for other people what they would do for their own family so we believe that once the doctor prescribes treatment then it is the patient’s best interest to get on with it. Unlike most offices where the doctor and team are surprised when a patient starts today, we are surprised when they don’t. Patients and parents didn’t come to us not to get braces, they have other things to do and they want to get on with treatment as well in the vast majority of cases. So what is holding you back? Most likely it’s that same old impediments to change that we orthodontists face daily – “That’s not the way we do things” and “We’ve always done it that way”.

I won’t go into all the technological changes that make it possible (and even easy) to start today nor will I repeat myself when it comes to the philosophy of why starting today is best for patients and best for you in this article because I’m sure you’ve heard all that. I won’t even talk about how starting today will help you convert shoppers into buyers! Instead, I want to suggest a new and powerful motivation for changing your office culture to one that presumes patients will start today.

 If you start today, there is NO RECALL to be done.

 You’re welcome.


One thought on “Doing Recall Sucks… Start Today!

  1. Thank you Been for all the valuable posts! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. For adult patients who don’t routinely go to their PCDs, do you ask for a cleaning, exam or cavity clearance before bonding them? How do you handle this and still be able to do a same day start? (I don’t have a GP department within the office to clear them). Thank you again for the great advices!

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