We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard the following statements recently :

  • Braces are antiquated and finished.
  • Do it yourself orthodontics is a serious health crisis.
  • Organized orthodontics must be supported to fend off unwanted disruption.

Even though these kinds of things are meant to fire up the base, not many people seem to get too agitated.  So what does it take to get a room full of orthodontists all excited? We’ve found that these five topics are the most effective tinder to light the bonfire of ortho insecurities:

  • Corporate Dentistry
  • Smile Direct Club
  • Invisalign
  • General Practitioners Doing Orthodontics
  • Too Many Orthodontic Programs

Even though you were taught in school that we are health professionals, we’re really running a service business. Guess what, so are corporations, GP’s, and for profit residency programs. Many of you don’t like what Pacific Dental Services, Smile Direct Club and Align Technology are doing or planning to do. News flash. They’re not going away anytime soon, they’re gaining momentum and they are acting in their self-interest just like you do. The difference is that these companies are constantly aligning themselves with what consumers want, unlike most orthodontists. It’s just business. The best business plans take care of patients and provide what they want faster, more conveniently, better, more affordably or a combination thereof. Stop getting so emotional. It is blocking your ability to leverage the opportunities these businesses are providing all of us. Great change brings great opportunity!

From the emotional angle…

We’re in an emotional tangle

-Olivia Newton-John

None of us can predict the future – in particular we cannot predict the disruptions that will significantly affect things down the road. Predictions are either the hopeful expressions of the optimist or, at worst, the gloomy assertions of the pessimist. They are not immediately helpful and they certainly aren’t bankable currency.

There is only one important question you need to ask yourself: what do I need to do now to achieve my immediate set of goals so that I’ll be well positioned for next set? Only you can determine the answer to this most important question!

Marc Ackerman & Ben Buris

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