Bridget and I spent the last two weeks on and around the family farm with our kids and their cousins. It’s been quite an experience watching the children delight in every little thing and has served to reinforce what Anil Idiculla, Cole Johnson and Neal Kravitz tried to tell me and others at and for years before that… It’s all about enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm for our families and friends.

Enthusiasm for what we do every day – big and small.

Enthusiasm for our awesome profession.

Enthusiasm for what our patients think, want, like and deserve.

Enthusiasm for our team members and their families, dreams and goals.

Enthusiasm for life. All day, every day.

Enthusiastically showing our enthusiasm.

The world needs more enthusiasm. It’s free. It’s infectious. It’s awesome.

I’m not always as good as I should be when it comes to being universally enthusiastic, but I’m inspired by Anil, Cole and Neal to do better in 2016. Recently I heard Cole say that, “People like me exactly as much as I like them” and that really rang true. I have a ton of work to do but I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities that lay ahead in 2016. Thanks Neal, Cole and Anil. You guys are doing a great job and are role models for the rest of us. Everyone says so and they told me to tell you!