By: Dr. Jason Tam

Do you celebrate debonds in your practice? Like many, you probably give patients a gift with all sorts of treats they were not supposed to have while they in braces, celebrate with a special song, or take a celebrity-style photo with them on your logo wall. All of these are wonderful ideas and are great ways to make patients feel special by having you and your team celebrate their special day… Everyone is excited – everyone except the patients that are not getting their braces off that day. We should absolutely be jumping for joy that our obligation to that patient getting braces off has been completed (other than retention), and we want to build up as much goodwill with debond patients as possible. However, let’s not forget those who make up the majority of our patient population in the clinic, day in and day out. Our loud celebrations at the debond might be sending the wrong message: “Braces suck. You should be so happy you’re done”! What I’m suggesting here is not to get rid of debond celebrations, but rather to make sure you celebrate every other stage as well. Celebrate getting braces put on as well as progress at each visit. Be sure to take every opportunity to compliment on good compliance and make a big deal about how awesome the patient is for doing well. Make sure your patients are enjoying the experience throughout treatment so they feel special the entire time. If you can make the bonding and active visits as positive and exciting as the debond appointment, the odds of fostering raving fans that will share the positive vibe about your office with others is much greater!



Dr. Jason Tam is the owner of MCO Orthodontics, with three offices just outside of Toronto, Canada.  He completed his dental school at the University of Toronto, followed by a GPR at New York Hospital Queens, and an orthodontic residency at Boston University.  While his practice is primarily braces, he is a Top 1% Super Elite Invisalign Provider.  Dr. Tam has a special interest in office efficiencies and implementation.  He is happily married with two young boys, and another baby expected in December 2015.

3 thoughts on “Everyday Celebrations

  1. Great post! I love this concept Dr. Tam, it seems so obvious now that you’ve pointed it out!

    Along those same lines… my father in law is a neuroradiologist and he has corrected me on a number of occasions to stop referring to our patients as cases. It’s tough to do, since it’s not always interchangeable. But when it is, it seems to make a big difference.

  2. WOW – HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD……In my office, we HIGH FIVE EVERYONE ALL THE TIME!!! Im always taking pictures and hugging parents to say what an awesome job their kid is doing. I scold the kids who arent the best brushers and flossers for not listening to their parents who tell them to brush and floss…and the next appointment, I run out to the parents and high five the parents of the kids who previously didnt to ideal OH. then I high five all the other parents…..everyone loves a high five – even random strangers. Try it next time….no one ever leaves you hanging!

  3. Great article Dr. Tam. Couldn’t agree more that we need to make sure patients are enjoying their entire experience. Thanks for sharing!

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