By Bridget Burris

So we all know the old adage that says you never get a second chance to make a first impression. How true! Today I would like to talk about an incredibly easy way to make your patients and parents feel UN-welcome! What I’m talking about is something we all experience weekly and it is high on my list of “ugh!, really?” issues in life.


I just can’t stand it when businesses that have double front doors only unlock one of them! I have an incredibly well-mannered hubby who loves opening doors for me. It happens all the time that he will reach for one of the doors only to get his arm jerked back due to the door being locked (though the odds should be 50-50 for picking the open door he seems to always get the locked one!).


Why would anyone have two doors and only unlock one of them? Some say it’s to save electricity or stop air transfer with the outside heat/cold but in my opinion it is pure laziness. If you’re going to have two doors, insist that your employees unlock and open both doors each morning. What a way to make everyone feel welcome right from the start!