As promised, here’s the fist of many special offers/deals for OrthoPundit subscribers. The Bentson Clark reSource is an awesome publication that I’ve read for years. Here are some details about the reSource:

Bentson Clark & Copple is known for their valuation, transition, recruiting services and newly expanded career opportunities; however, for over a decade the company has proudly published the Bentson Clark reSource. The reSource has featured 224 timely articles and interviews contributed by the Bentson Clark partner’s and team members as well as the industry’s top leaders and consultants. The quarterly publication is written for orthodontists of all career stages, focused solely on the business aspects of running a successful practice.

The reSource allows it’s 1000+ recipients to stay up-to-date on trends within the orthodontic marketplace, provides exclusive data extracted from successful practices, and offers a wide range of content – from marketing advice to new products insights. The newsletter can assist all orthodontists in making strategic decisions in the aspects of managing their practice. Many doctors use the newsletter as planning tool for the future – from opening an office, to utilizing the publication as a practice growth instrument, to planning for retirement.

The Bentson Clark reSource is the only quarterly newsletter written exclusively for orthodontists, for only $95 a year, join the multitude of successful orthodontists who already receive the publication.


According to a recent Bentson Clark reSource reader survey:

  • 100% of all subscribers perceive the published content is valuable
  • 99% of subscribers would recommend the reSource to a colleague or friend
  • 91% of subscribers read the publication cover-to-cover each quarter

Top five reasons why subscribers love the Bentson Clark reSource:

  • Timely Content – Orthodontists can stay up-to-date on current trends.
  • Insight  – Facts and figures can be used to gain insight into the orthodontic industry.
  • Variety of Content Published – best minds in the industry contribute content published each quarter.
  • Planning Tool – The publication is often used to identify and implement ideas that help grow a practice
  • Research Tool – the publication is a “readers digest” of what is happening in the business of operating an orthodontic specialty practice

Reader Testimonials:

  • The Bentson Clark reSource is particularly relevant in today’s quickly changing environment. It is a “Must Read” newsletter for any orthodontist who is planning to retire, bring in a partner, or any doctor who is trying to grow his/her practice. One of the TOP publications I subscribe to. – Dr. Doug Wright
  • Without question, Bentson Clark reSource is the best newsletter in the industry! – Dr. Mark Coreil
  • I enjoy reading the Bentson Clark reSource because it keeps up with current trends around the country. It also provides what’s on the horizon for orthodontics. – Dr. Richard Graham

***** Limited Time Offer*****

6 thoughts on “FREE Bentson Clark reSource Subscription

  1. That’s awesome! Do we need to do anything to subscribe? Thanks, Ben and Chris!

  2. I am not sure if I am missing something but how do we get the subscription?

  3. If you sign up for an OrthoPundit subscription then you’ll get a subscription to the reSource as well. But you have to be an OrthoPundit subscriber to get it for free.

  4. No sir. I’ll make sure everyone who becomes an OrthoPundit subscriber in the next couple weeks gets a reSource subscription.

  5. Is this still valid? If I subscribe are you offering free subscription to Benston Clark ReSource? Thanks!

  6. Glad your subscribe! This was a limited time offer that has expired. Sorry.

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