This article really fires me up. PCDs want all the rights and privileges but none of the training or responsibility. I posted this article and commentary everywhere I could. Feel free to use or share as you see fit. We specialists must educate the public!

Why are Primary Care Dentists against reasonable restrictions/training when it comes to allowing use of IV and oral sedation?!?! This is my favorite quote from the article: “The entire general dentist community should be alarmed. Why? Because when it comes to allowing oral surgeons and other special interests to dictate what general dentists can and can’t do, oral sedation is only the first round. If CDEL succeeds now, standby for a steady stream of additional restrictive guidelines aimed at controlling general dentistry.”

Oral Surgeons are the most highly trained of all the dentists and they are THE experts when it comes to sedation! Dental Specialists are THE experts in their respective areas – of course they should have input as to what is appropriate! This is just more evidence that many Primary Care Dentists want to do whatever they can to keep speciality procedures in their offices so they can get paid instead of sending out speciality procedures to dental specialists who have the training and expertise. Don’t take my word for it! Ask your dentist who took care of his or her family’s wisdom teeth, braces and root canals… Why would they do speciality work on their patients but send their family to a specialist?? The public needs to educate themselves on the difference between PCDs and Specialists.