Tip Shared By: Dr. James Noble

Congratulations to Dr. James Noble. He shared and won free admission to the 2016 MKS Forum in Dallas.  Let’s continue to share our knowledge for the benefit of all.

Consult Tip:

Google just released a new version of Chromecast and it’s awesome. It allows your laptop or tablet to sync with your TV. Now I can bring in my tablet into my consult room which runs Ortho2/Edge and I can review patient photos with them while my TC prepares all the necessary forms for the patient on the consult computer. The cost is only $40 and I purchased one for each of our consult rooms. It seems like a simple concept but previously you had to purchase a WiDi enabled computer and WiDi TV to make this work. Here’s a photo.  Ben Burris is right, if we all shared a tip, we could grow and improve together to provide superior customer service and care to our patients.



For more information on the new Chromecast release click here

4 thoughts on “Google’s New Chromecast Release Has a Place in the Consult Room

  1. Thanks Ben! I’m looking forward to the MKS forum, and I’m sorry I can’t make it this year. If everyone shares one tip, imagine the improvement we would have in treating our patients and running our practices?

  2. great idea. i am buying chromecast today. have you ever thought about remote monitoring of your ortho patients?
    i am working on an idea/concept and i know you always ask the right question or turn the idea around and see it from a new light. thanks in advance

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