We have discussed shoppers in general before but recently I’ve been asked to tackle a couple of specific scenarios and share the scripting I use. So let’s get to it!

Dad: I can get the same thing down the street from Dr. Smith, Dr. Jones or Dr. White for 1000 dollars less than you want to charge me.

Me: Fantastic!

Dad: So are you going to match the other guy’s price?

Me: No.

Dad: Why not?

Me: Well, Dad, you are obviously a smart man. You did the right thing – taking your child to multiple providers and checking out your options. I would do the same. Also, you’re obviously a shrewd businessman and negotiator. I applaud your efforts and approach – I often employ the same approach when I’m shopping for something! That being said, I’m sure you noticed in your office visits that there is more to braces than price. Things like Dr. Smith being a general dentist, not an orthodontic specialist. Whoever you choose to treat your child I recommend you see one of the other orthodontic specialists in town. They are great and will take good care of you. Also, the office, the team, the attitude, the service and the atmosphere come into play when you’re shopping for an orthodontist. I can tell your child is very comfortable here and I would recommend you go somewhere that she feels comfortable no matter what you decide. Finally, how you and your child feel about the doctor is vital. You want to know your child is in good hands! Other things that may or may not come into play are the financing and the convenience.

Long story short, you get what you pay for and most people know exactly what they are worth!

Dad: So you’re not going to drop your price?

Me: No sir. We have an excellent office that provides great care and customer service at a very reasonable fee. PLUS we make it affordable with financing.

Dad: Well, I’m going to have to think about it.

Me: Of course. Our TC will answer any questions you have and give you a copy of the records and all the other documentation. Here’s my cell phone number in case you have other questions. Thanks so much for taking the time to come see us! I can’t wait to see Susie’s awesome smile when she’s done with braces. You’re going to have to lock her in the basement until she gets to be dating age – you know, 40-45 years old!

Most of the time I get dad to sign up with us but not always. We will usually let the dad walk out of the building if he is a hard-core negotiator. However, if we sense that dad is close to coming our way, we may concede and let him win. Not in the way you are thinking tho! We will offer add ons that are valuable to dad but don’t cost us a ton. Things like free whitening, a free set of replacement retainers, upgrade to clear or wild smiles, etc. This way we let dad satisfy his need to negotiate and his need to win without compromising what we consider a very reasonable fee.

There is no right answer here. I know a lot of orthodontists who discount to get the deal done – good for them. I know a lot of orthodontists who get mad when their colleagues down the road discount. I don’t. They gotta do what they gotta do and we established orthodontists cannot get mad at those trying to get a foothold for doing what it takes to make a living!