So I came across this gem, watched it and took some notes. I usually have to pay for this kind of entertainment. Enjoy!

13:40 – Klontz tells us how to practice and how many patients you’re allowed to treat. Oh, and why nonextracion is easier than ext cases. “Large practices create large amounts of money at the sacrifice of many many times not as nice a treatment that can be done”

16:05 “Treating with the Tweed Edgewise Appliance, you get very little relapse”… “That’s a big problem today is that many, many cases are treated today like it was back in the Angle years”…. [expansion is not stable re many many studies] – you read that right he just said that non-tweeters are antiquated because they don’t take out enough teeth

17:30 “With the way it is going now with the large practices and untrained orthodontists straightening teeth, if it doesn’t change where the orthodontist is a specialist who can treat the teeth back to where they really want to be, the orthodontist profession maybe will die”

Other gems that Klontz shares… Dr. Tweed said, a small practice with you doing all the work yourself… we have pictures of people having large amounts of assistants… the orthodontist can only do so much work… we treat this tweed study course like it’s been taught the last 20-30 years… They leave with four cases with one of them being non extraction….  I want to help the young people… We have ways of telling them what they should and can do… if you want to make a lot of money you need to get out of orthodontics…

“people treating more people for less money…” [obviously this is a bad thing]

“As long as I’m living I’m going to help these young people…” [and get paid 100 k a year with my buddy vaden and whoever we deem is worthy to have a turn at the trough…. and I’m going to promote the tweed course and what I do like I’m volunteering my time to help people instead of making more money than I can in any other way]

I love that Klontz complains about the supply companies daring to advertise and what they are doing to influence the orthodontists but doesn’t see the irony of him and Vaden promoting the Tweed course so that they can get paid almost a hundred grand for 3 weeks work plus all the perks they get along with that.

“I only hope we can go back to some basic fundamentals….”

My comment on what Klontz puts fourth as fact: so, who decided that the tweed course is “the fundamentals”? maybe they were the fundamentals in the 1940s but how does that hold up now? The whole thing was very interesting to me because it’s basically a crying for the good ole days


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