In a letter sent to customers, Opal Orthodontics President Dirk Jeffs, explained the recent changes in the Opal Orthodontics business model and stated that Opal would no longer produce or sell brackets, bands, buccal tubes or Class II correctors.


As I’ve said for some time now, I believe we will see a great deal of change in the orthodontic bracket market. As competition, perceived and real, puts pressure on orthodontists and the downward pressure on pricing for traditional orthodontic treatment manifests, I believe there will be fewer and fewer orthodontists who are willing to pay more than they have to for brackets, bands, wires, etc. Of course there will always be some orthodontists who believe that “quality is worth it” when it comes to brackets (and they will see a higher price as “proof” of quality) but in the long run I’m certain that the majority of orthodontists will come to the conclusion that a bracket is just a handle and the skill/quality/results rest in the hands of the orthodontist, not the bracket. It will be interesting to watch this play out since orthodontic vendors can be as resistant to change as we orthodontists can! I have to commend Opal Orthodontics for recognizing where the market is going and having the intestinal fortitude to do what is best for their company. Change is good!

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  1. America Great Again with Chinese brackets….
    You can also go to buy your braces in Mexico, where most of US companies produce.

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