The Ortho101 Facebook group was a grand experiment that took many forms and lasted several years but soon after crossing the 2000 member mark I felt the group was heading in the wrong direction and pulled the plug. Honestly it just became too taxing to battle convention daily and I was no longer willing to put in the hours it took to make Ortho101 what it was. A litany of new Facebook groups sprang up immediately and I think this is a great thing but I’ve received an avalanche of FB messages asking that I open Ortho101 up again and give access to the archive. Well, after much consideration here is what I’ve come up with:

  • OrthoPundit subscribers in good standing may ask to join Ortho101 AND you can add two employees as well. We will define employee loosely – these additional Ortho101 members can be a spouse, a parent/family member who lends advice, whatever you want but let’s not abuse it and add our friend who is an orthodontist in another practice please. Also I don’t want you adding your sales rep buddy! I expect many will add their TCs, Financial Coordinators and/or Office Managers but it can be whatever you want. I have great faith in humanity and trust people to do the right thing until proven otherwise so we will go with the self-policing method until otherwise indicated (and if that becomes case I’ll just shut Ortho101 down again).
  • I do reseve the right to not admit anyone for any reason and the right to remove disruptive people from Ortho101. Know this on the front end. Being an OrthoPundit subscriber gives you a chance to access Ortho101 and all it has to offer but it doesn’t give you the right. I welcome argument, challenge, differing opinions and lively debate. I do not tolerate parroting of the traditional groupthink or blanket statements of “you can’t do that” without logical backup.
  • If you want to add one or two people then I need you to add them to Ortho101 once you are a member and then message me with the names, their positions and your practice name. I also need you to remember to ask me to remove them if you part ways. I’ll keep a record of who is in the group and who belongs to whom and modify membership as the OrthoPundit subscriber list changes.
  • Know that the things we discuss and share in Ortho101 are for the use of Ortho101 members and are not to be shared or broadcast to others. Again I’ll trust in self-policing but will take action if that becomes necessary.
  • Keep in mind that Ortho101 is not a geographically exclusive group and will never be. If you want a secure, geographically exclusive group with NDAs all around then ProOrtho FE is the group for you.

If you are an OrthoPundit subscriber in good standing then feel free to add yourself and add your plus 2s (or have them request membership) here but don’t forget to message me at and tell me who the staff members are and what the name of your practice is so I can approve them! Please be patient as it will take a while to add everyone to the group.

Welcome back!

7 thoughts on “Ortho101 Now Open to OrthoPundit Subscribers & Two Team Members

  1. Ben – I can’t seem to get added…any help?

  2. I don’t have any pending requests. message me on fb and I’ll add you

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