2015 has been a great year for the OrthoPundit blog! When we started OrthoPundit back in April we didn’t know what to expect but the results have been phenomenal by any standard. These days the site is hit just shy of 11,000 times a month by orthodontists like you looking to hone their business acumen.

I’ve learned a great deal in 2015 as well- from our guest bloggers and our readers’ comments and suggestions. We look forward to 2016 and ask for continued commentary and suggestions on how to make OrthoPundit the best it can be. One suggestion we have received hundreds of times is to print an OrthoPundit book…so we will do this annually with all proceeds going to S4l.org.  We should have the 2015 OrthoPundit volume available for sale in a few months.

Finally, with almost 150 posts on OrthoPundit, we thought you would enjoy a list of the top 15 blog posts:

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#4 How to Deal with an Orthodontic Emergency Calls

#3 Have a Great Morning Meeting Template

#2 How to Tell if a Patient is Wearing Elastics

#1 Don’t Piss Momma Off