The Australian orthodontists are having this conversation . Why aren’t we?

“This is not about greed, but all about survival as some businesses are just trying to keep their heads above water,” Dr Srinivasan says.

“I have few dentists who practise orthodontics and do it well, but are also well aware of their limits. But many new dentists do not want to refer on; they just want to treat every patient who comes through the door as it is all about business. I had a call from a dental colleague who asked if he could observe me in the clinic. He said he needed to learn orthodontics fast, as all the dentists around him were doing it and he felt he was going to be left behind.”

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2 thoughts on “Our Turn

  1. I think sometimes they forget that they are DOCTORS, you know, with an ethical duty to deliver the best possible care to their patients. The argument that they rationalize it as a business decision would hold if they were a store of some kind….like a skateboard shop that says “business is slow, and this long-boarding thing seems popular, I better get hang out with some long-boarders for a day or two then start selling them myself”, that’s fine, but not when you’re a Doctor delivering health-care to patients.

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