By Nancy Hyman

Research often shows that smiling can have a transformative effect, at both a psychological and chemical level. Before a word is even spoken, you can give someone a warm feeling simply by showing some teeth. You can put the “Halo Effect” into action, which is when people accept that a friendly nature must be an indication of many other positive qualities. Do your potential patients understand the value of a beautiful and functional smile? Orthodontists don’t need to be convinced that with a smile, you lead others to open up and engage.  Wearing a smile puts others at ease, giving them a sense of warmth and confidence in you, themselves, and the situation. Now, if that smile is something you’re proud of, it’s likely you will want to share it even more. I recommend leading your potential patients (and parents!) through 5 key steps to understanding what the hidden benefits of orthodontics will achieve:

Five Ways A Healthy Smile Will Improve Your Life

  1. Lowering that rate: In an anxious moment, smiling can help your heart rate return to its normal state.
  2. Release the highs: Smiling releases endorphins and gives you a natural high feeling.
  3. Hard to resist: Your smile increases your attractiveness to others, and that sense of being friendly and approachable makes others more likely to be kind in return.
  4. Immune System Booster: In smiling, your body gets added support with increased white blood cells, which helps your body fight against illness.
  5. Smile for Success: When you feel good about yourself, you tend to smile more. Research shows an estimated 96% of people equate a healthy smile with confidence, as well as personal and professional success.
  6. Overall Well-Being: Your dental heath affects more than just your confidence and mental state. It also has a huge impact on your physical well-being. Broken or infected teeth can lead to pain and infections, which attack your entire body.  A healthy mouth helps maintain a healthy you overall.

Let your future patient pool know that these are just a few reasons to spread those corners ever closer to their ear lobes, and enjoy the give and take of smiling. If you are presenting this list as a handout a suggested closing statement may be:

“When you are proud of those pearly whites, it’s even more likely that you’ll utilize that attribute, helping you stay healthy, happy, and optimistic. An attractive smile is priceless gift you can share with the world, so why not put your best smile forward”?

This six five list may be used on Facebook, your practice website and presented during new patient and recall exams. The list may also be included in new patient packet information, a slideshow and in signage throughout the practice.