I got what is probably the hundredth Facebook message today from a resident asking for a discounted price for OrthoPundit. I don’t understand it. You guys pay tens of thousands of dollars for your “education”, you wear the finest clothes, the coolest sunglasses and I see all the trips you go on from your posts on FB and Instagram… but you still expect me to give you a discount on the $9.62 a week I currently charge for all the insight I share on OrthoPundit. It’s just not logical.

But I’m a sucker and you’ve worn me down so if you’ll message or email me and PROVE that you’re a CURRENT orthodontic resident then I’ll grant you access to OrthoPundit for $300. That’s just $5.76 a week so I don’t want to hear another word about the price. Ever. I also expect you not to abuse the access and be honorable about your status as a resident.

You win. You collectively wore me down. Enjoy your victory but ease up on the old man please. I have done and continue to do a lot for you, your peers, practicing orthodontists and the speciality at large. It’s not easy swimming upstream and asking the questions that “you just shouldn’t ask”. You can’t expect me to do all I do and also put in the time to do the admin and logistical work on all this stuff.

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  1. You forgot to mention i-phones!!! Sucker:)

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