There are currently 615 signatures for the petition/open letter to the AAO BOT and HOD. While that may not seem like a huge number it is definitely significant. At 800 signatures we are talking about 10 percent of orthodontists in the US and Canada! I’ve started emailing a link to the petition to every Ortho related contact in my address book (orthodontists, residents, vendors, coaches – anyone who relies on the health of our profession for a living). I’m doing a couple dozen a day to avoid being flagged as spam so it will take some time but I strongly encourage all of you to do the same. It’s important to share the petition by email as well as Facebook because many orthodontists are not on Facebook or aren’t active. It would be great to keep gaining momentum in the weeks leading up to the AAO annual session in San Francisco. Having the maximum number of signatures would be awesome but it would be even better to have as many interested members as possible show up at the House of Delegates meeting too. 

Sign, Share and Save the Profession

Link to petition