One thought on “Simple Marketing Strategies for a Successful Orthodontic Practice

  1. Marketing in its purest form is simply stated as the “Creation of Customers”. In a strategic sense it is doing the right things that bring clients to the practice and requires some thinking as to what those “things” are and how to execute them.. The article describes several relevant methods to generate enthusiasm for the practice team and for the patient. Then he or she feels an allegiance to the practice and perhaps make recommendations to others that “this is the place to go for braces”. I also sense community involvement and a good dose of FUN! This is so important in a situation where a patient may not be having fun at all from time to time.

    Service industries struggle with marketing since the product is defined mostly by the client and his or her experience and/or perception of the outcome. Not an easy game but can be done effectively to create the desired outcomes for the practice. The positioning of the message of the practice is very important to attract interest.

    Good article.

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