Very few things in life are more difficult to do than to reclaim a Facebook page that a former employee was the admin for… When that employee refuses to give you the user name and password or add you as an admin for one reason or another. Guess how I know? You guessed it. A few years ago I had this happen because I was dumb enough to allow an employee to be the only admin on our Facebook page.

I hope for you to avoid this and so I’m suggesting that you make employees editors of your FB page and other social media pages while you retain admin status. Even if you don’t do social media, you need to get an account if only to be the admin. It’s easy and free and much better than getting caught out should things go south.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Administrator

  1. Thanks for letting all of us know this Ben – this is a simple, but critical piece of advise for those starting a Facebook page.

  2. Same goes for your Google Listings. The doctor be the owner, anyone else can be a manager.

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