When my daughter was about three years old I was helping her put her shoes on and she corrected me.

“No daddy. It’s sock-shoe not sock-sock” she told me with all the authority a toddler can muster.

I’d always put my shoes on sock-sock then shoe-shoe and had honestly never even considered doing it the way Berkeley suggested. Despite this my knee jerk reaction was to defend my way of doing things while telling her she was wrong. A very human reaction but not useful or accurate.

I think of the life lesson my three-year-old taught me every single morning:

Just because I’ve never considered an idea or way of doing things doesn’t mean the new way is not equivalent to or even better than what I currently do or believe.

Until I truly consider the new idea with an open mind and try it on for size it is unwise to believe I know better.

I just wish I’d known this years earlier!