By Adam Schulhof

Monday mornings…Ugggh, but not today. I actually walked into the office charged up after a great weekend in Scottsdale with the OE crew learning from the “Plastic Masters” Jonathan and Maz. What, you may ask – as many did over the weekend –  is “the Lingual Guy” doing at an Invisalign meeting? Well its simple really. I’ve never seen myself as the Lingual Guy. I’ve seen myself as just another orthodontist trying to be the very best at what he does.  What does that mean to me? It means having the skills to treat every patient that walks through my doors and give them what they want while finishing them the way I want as a picky specialist. It means never saying to them “Oh that doesn’t work” just because Ive never learnt the skills to do it well. This applies to both Invisalign and Lingual. What is a specialist if not one who can use ALL the tools out there to give a patient an amazing result?

It amazes me to sit through meeting after meeting with doctors decrying the death of our specialty whilst listening to speakers discuss differentiating ourselves, all the while everyone wants something “easy” not thinking that through to its conclusion. How “easy” do you want it? Easy enough for you? “Easy” enough for your assistants? “Easy” enough for the PCDs??

In the coming weeks Ben has been gracious enough to ask me to write an article for The Progressive Ortho magazine where I will share my journey growing my startup practices not by being “the Lingual Guy”, but by being the guy that can do what no one else around can do, not other orthodontists, and especially not PCDs. Sure being the best at something takes time and effort and weekends in Scottsdale, but you can put in the effort or you can spend your time complaining as you’re left behind…your call.

2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Got A Case of the Mondays!

  1. Ain’t that the truth! Thanks Adam. You are spot on. Sit around and complain or get up and do something about it. Thanks for sharing your journey and insight!

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