The summer is supposed to be crazy, right?

That’s how it’s always been! But this summer was business as usual and I admit it had me a little freaked out. I kept thinking that production must be down but it wasn’t! We are up year over year. Luckily I have a trusted network of progressive orthodontists to consult and have found that many report the same feeling of slowness. These same doctors also report that their numbers are up!

How can this be?

I’ve thought about this for some time and the best I can come up with is that total integration and implementation of the same day start model is the difference. Once an office is able to put a full set of braces on the same day a new patient arrives, they eliminate a huge number of appointments. The process also immediately services a great many patients who would otherwise wait until summer to get braces on. Furthermore, these satisfied patients talk with their friends about same day starts and these educated friends then come in to get braces on when they hear about it rather than waiting for traditionally busy times. Patients really do like convenience!

The result is an almost total lack of seasonality in progressive offices that fully embrace same day starts.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

What’s holding you back?