Removal of braces and, more specifically, removal of the adhesive left on the teeth after the brackets are removed is still considered a huge job by most orthodontists and residents – to the point that many delay debonds because they don’t want to face “all that work”. This attitude is silly and based in the fallacious belief that removing glue takes forever and requires multiple steps and burs. It’s just not the case. Here’s a video of me removing adhesive and adjusting the incisal edges. It’s easy. Patients appreciate the decreased time and your back will too.

3 thoughts on “Three Minute Debond – Video

  1. What is the burr you currently use? I’m using the reliance fluted burr and black polisher. Messy and time consuming, but no scratches and looks super.

  2. I get them from Tim Law. I’ll get you his contact info.

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