From what we can gather, the AAO spends between 20 and 25 MILLION DOLLARS every year – though we admit there is a lack of clarity on this and most things to do with the AAO budget. Our understanding is that very little of this MEMBER MONEY is used to do what we consider the most important function of the AAO – to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC on the difference between PCDs and Orthodontists. At maximum 20-25% of the AAO budget is spent on EDUCATING THE PUBLIC but it is unclear how much of that money is spent on committees talking about marketing and how much is spent on an actual media buy. From what we can tell, the vast majority of the $25,000,000.00 in MEMBER MONEY is eaten up each year by admin, staff, facilities, lodging, travel, “volunteer thank you parties” and other costs that could be limited or even avoided with efficient use of technology and a dash of frugality. As the AAO is well aware, we have called for cessation of nonessential expenditures in the past and though there appears to be some improvement, it has become apparent that the only way real change will occur is through transparency and regular accountability. In that vein we, the undersigned, respectfully request that OUR MEMBER ORGANIZATION give us a full accounting of expenditures of MEMBER MONEY on a quarterly basis via an email to each member. We are requesting all details of how each dollar is spent to include, but not limited to, individual expense reports as opposed to the traditional lumping of all expenditures in the few categories in the AAO chart of accounts. We understand that it takes time to get this together and are happy to have the quarterly report emailed to each AAO member one quarter in arrears. We chose email because we know the AAO has that functionality in place already based on the emails we get regularly – we want to make it easy for the AAO and the members. Thank you for your consideration.


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