I can’t tell you how many times during my career that I’ve started comprehensive treatment on a tween or teen and then a couple appointments in, mom brings in her 8-10 year old concerned about the huge gap between the upper central incisors or anterior crowding and overjet. I don’t like to do Phase I treatment for lots of reasons but these situations provide an opportunity to make mom a raving fan, make a youngster feel good about her smile and grow the practice while costing very little. How?

By treating the little sister or brother of a patient in full treatment for free!

No, I’m not talking about doing comprehensive treatment or even full-blown phase I treatment for free. I’m talking about bonding upper 2-2 or doing a 2×4 for four to six months to make things look nice and then doing a phase I essix retainer.

For free.

There is no better way to grow your practice.

You have time and brackets are cheap!