So I was in one of our new, startup offices and saw this patient. When doing a startup we all know it’s vital to get patients in braces/aligners because that increases cash flow and increases the number of ambassadors we have in the community and creates buzz to help grow the fledging practice.

I didn’t start this patient.
There is zero reason to put this child in appliances from an orthodontic point of view. That being said, I’m betting that the vast majority of orthodontists would put this kid in braces. I see it all the time.
Our primary job is to look out for our patients. Period. When we decide to start a case is a big part of that. I would strongly encourage you to resist financial considerations when it comes to Dx and Tx planning and start dates. Fear of someone else starting the case if you don’t is not a legitimate reason to put braces on. Don’t you dare do anything to someone else’s kid that you wouldn’t do to your own.
Just sayin…
Try not to suck!