I was lucky enough to visit Dr. Vance Misuraca and, as I always do when I visit a colleague, I learned something awesome! When Dr. Misuraca tells his assistants what he wants to do at the beginning of an appointment, they write it down in quadrant form on the back of their glove! Stuff like what teeth they are going to repo, elastics, appointment interval, etc. It was a wow moment and I was blown away when I saw it. Why didn’t I think of that! Thanks Vance for sharing! You’re awesome.

If you are in residency or a recent graduate, there is no better way to learn how things work in the real world than to visit the offices of fellow orthodontists. Of course your next-door neighbor might not let you but most are more than happy to speak with you and show you around when you’re visiting an area on vacation or driving through. Make a point to notice ortho offices and take the time to stop and ask! What have you got to lose? Another way to find offices to visit is to join one of the many awesome study groups out there like Ortho101, Orthodontic Exchange or Pragmatic Orthodontic Clinical Discussions where you’ll meet new people and find opportunity in buckets.

If you’re an established practice, visiting other offices is even more important! Otherwise we get stuck in a rut and do the same old stuff or think we need all the latest and greatest technology and that buying stuff is the only way to make change or stand out. Seeing how others do what they do can keep you grounded and save you from Buying Shi*t You Don’t Need among other things! You’ll also learn what you do poorly, what you do well and things you don’t do but should. What do you have to lose? The time spent visiting colleagues’ offices is far more valuable than attending CE courses…

With the obvious exception of the upcoming MKS Forum of course!!



2 thoughts on “Visit Other Offices!

  1. Couldn’t agree more, thank you! We can spend thousands of dollars on consultants or we can synergies our own minds, share ideas, grow, learn and become better orthodontists so we can improve our customer service and clinical care to our patients. I had a friend/colleague visit my office, and he took me aside and said, “James, stop giving your patients the option of automatic payments with credit card, they will all pay automatic with their bank” – a wow moment that will save me thousands upon thousands of dollars a consultant likely would not have picked up. Little changes, day by day can make a huge difference. If we improve in one aspect of our practice every day, think how much better we’d be after 1 year, 2….10!

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