If you could go to Las Vegas and play a game where you bet $200 with a 98 percent chance of winning $5000, how many times would you make that bet?

 Dumb question right?

What about a 90% chance of winning $5000?

80% chance?

How about betting $200 with only a 50% chance of winning $5000?

Unless you have an issue with gambling, the answer is still the same. You would make that bet as many times as you could. So what’s the difference in this fictional scenario and what happens in your office every day? You get the chance to bet the cost of brackets against the chance of getting paid a full case fee. The difference is that very few orthodontists will take that bet!

 What’s that you say? It’s not the same thing? Your time is valuable?

NONSENSE! Your time is not valuable if you have open chairs and unused capacity. Your time actually COSTS YOU MONEY if you aren’t producing and getting paid because you still have payroll, rent, equipment, electricity, etc. to pay for.

 What else do you have to do? Who are you trying to fool? Stop worrying about “the right kind of new patients.” There is no such thing! Get more patients in the door. Make your financing affordable. Put braces on. You’ve got time.

 Still don’t like the idea of betting 200 bucks? No problem, use less expensive brackets.

Don’t like the idea that someone may not pay you? Get over it. Most people will pay or you have the ability to dismiss those who don’t.  Open up your financing to those who wouldn’t start otherwise. Get paid more. Make more people smile. Increase access to care. It’s a winner all the way around!


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