I’ve had several conversations over the last few weeks where doctors and office managers have admitted that they don’t pay employees overtime. The first time I heard this I was shocked but I’ve heard it so many times now I’m just in awe that such educated people would risk so much for such a small amount of money!

Let me be clear:

Not paying overtime is STUPID and you could end up losing your business and even go to jail for such brazen disregard for the law.

In the US (and most other countries) the government generally doesn’t give a damn what you do and lets you go about your business… Unless you mess around with payroll taxes. And that’s what you are doing by not paying overtime. I hear you, and allow me to retort:

Yes, you are.

Yes you’re violating federal law and the tax code.

Yes you are shorting your employees.

Yes you are violating state laws.

Yes, some salaried employees are entitled to overtime.

Shut up, stop arguing, stop being stubborn and stupid, follow the law and pay your employees what they are due.

I’m sure that before you read this piece you were ignorant as to how things work, but now you’re not. Call an HR attorney and tax lawyer and get it straightened out TODAY. Yes it will be a pain and yes it will cost money but this stuff is no joke. Do the right thing for your employees, for your business, for your family and for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Working Overtime

  1. ^^^This and make sure you know how to correctly calculate overtime as it is calculated on a weekly basis…not for the total hours/paycheck.

  2. No doubt. There are lots of things that doctors do that seem logical but are against the law!

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