Well, if you’re Einstein and have genius IQ combined with the most fertile imagination in history you can but the rest of us cannot.

Think of your box as the sum total of everything you have ever beheld or considered. Some call it your unique paradigm and it colors everything you see and do and think. Human beings are relativity machines and every thought we have is in relation to something we know or think we know. Therefore having thoughts that are outside of and beyond anything we have ever seen, heard or considered is almost impossible for mere mortals like us.

If thinking outside the box is off the table, what options do we have? I’m glad you asked!

The best way to increase your options is to become aware of as many different things as you possibly can. The Internet is fantastic for doing this as is travel but probably the best option for orthodontists who want to learn, improve and grow is to join one of the Facebook groups providing unprecedented access and opportunity to learn new things. Check them out – in this day and age there is no better way to spend your time and money!


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