It’s time.

The MKS Forum has grown into one of the largest orthodontic meetings in the country in just two short years. The speakers/content are unparalleled, the atmosphere welcoming, the camaraderie refreshing and the learning/implementing of novel ideas is phenomenal. MKS is THE Orthodontists’ meeting and the speakers/attendees are changing the world… no one person should overshadow that.

So, in that vein, I’ve been talking to Jeff Behan ( Vice President) and he’s been talking to the S4L President, Dr. Don Montano, and I’ve committed to donate 100% of my ownership of MKS to Smile for a Lifetime Foundation as soon as the paperwork can be completed. This will be a huge win for pro bono orthodontic treatment in the US and Canada and a boon to the orthodontic community at large. The revenue from MKS will fund S4L’s ever increasing presence and efficacy and Smile for a Lifetime’s high powered national board of directors can oversee MKS as it continues to thrive. I’ll certainly continue to help promote and put on the meeting as I love everything about MKS but I think this move makes perfect sense for a tremendous number of reasons. I hope you feel the same and will register now, before we sell out like we do every year, by visiting

It’s good to do good while doing good!

4 thoughts on “Burris to Donate MKS Ownership to Smile For A Lifetime

  1. Awesome generosity. Way to raise the bar!

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