By Charlene White

Case acceptance tracking is the foundation to achieving high production in the orthodontic practice. I find many practices are unaware of how powerful an effective recall system can be to increasing their production. It all starts with effective tracking. Below is a spreadsheet from one of my clients. In addition to tracking their new patient case acceptance, I had them start tracking the case acceptance for the ready recalls and the phase 2 ready patients. They also empowered one of their team members to be the recall coordinator. That means she was focused on making sure the recall system was working effectively.  As you can see from the report below, the conversion ratio for the recall readies was 81.4% and for the phase 2 readies, it was 77.2%. These fall in the excellent range. The other good news is they produced $369,000 and 82 starts for the year.


  • 380 Patients in an Observation status
  • 48 Observations and 34 Phase II started
  • Total of 82 Starts for the year
  • 82 x $4,200 average fee = $369,000 in production

On average, most recall systems in many orthodontic practices are running at a 45% effectiveness. In this particular example, that would’ve meant instead of producing $369,000 the practice would have produced $195,000 therefore, losing potentially $174,000 in production that year.  Many doctors are uninformed and unaware of the “File of Gold” that maybe untapped in their practice. This is one of those marketing tips that does not add to your overhead. It’s just a matter of being smarter and not letting potential starts walk out the door.

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