A double blind study conducted by Drs. Smith and Jones at the Institute for Dental Consumer Protection has found that aligners are totally ineffective in moving, straightening, aligning or otherwise positively impacting pockets, handbags or kitchen counter tops.

When asked about this landmark study, Dr. Jones said, “We have long suspected that clear aligners – whether SmileDirectClub, Invisalign or one of the generic types – have zero efficacy when it comes to improving the appearance of counter tops, handbags or jean pockets. This despite consistent, long-term attempts by many patients we observed who regularly store their aligners in back pockets, purses and on kitchen counter tops. Furthermore we have discovered that clear aligners only work when patients actually wear them 22 to 23 hours each and every day!”

Dr. Smith agreed saying, “Our results show, conclusively, that patients who wear their clear aligners in their mouths [on their teeth as directed] get much better results than those who leave them lying on the counter or keep them in their pockets.”

So there you have it. Conclusive, undeniable proof that SmileDirectClub and Invisalign are totally ineffective unless the aligners are worn faithfully and as directed.

Drs. Smith and Jones shared that they have further groundbreaking research in the works and told us that they believe they can prove that toothbrushes don’t work either… unless you stand really close to them and apply the fuzzy end to your teeth.

“Not the slick end mind you, the fuzzy end”, Jones clarified.

We look forward to hearing more from The Institute for Dental Consumer Protection soon.

5 thoughts on “New Study Proves Clear Aligner Therapy TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE!

  1. bahahahaha! Researchers have also made the shocking discovery that rubber bands are not capable of multitasking. Rubber bands that are currently being used as hair elastics, keeping a poster rolled up or used to hold several stalks of broccoli together are completely ineffectual at correcting A/P or generally helping to improve the occlusion. Similarly, during clinical trials when the rubber bands were being used intra-orally as directed, researchers discovered that their previously bundled together broccoli was now in complete disarray.

  2. Whilst on the subject of ortho. elastics—I,highly recommend their use to attach a hook to plastic worms when bass fishing .The hook does not rip and tear the bait the thus enabling the impecunious fisherperson to use a plastic bait for one whole day or more.I have carried out multi -lake, prospective ,double blind ,randomised ,well controlled studies to validate this .Published in Bass Fishing monthly.

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