As I watch the sunrise here in Vail and think about all that I’ve learned during The Orthodontic Exchange meeting this weekend, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for the chance to know so many wonderful people and young leaders in our profession. Gratitude for being part of a profession that allows us to make a real difference in people’s lives and the world at large. Gratitude for the ability to enjoy fantastic places like Vail with my family and friends. Thanks to all of you who make my life so wonderful by sharing of yourselves!
It’s also the first day of spring – the earliest in over a century. As I reflect on this meeting and look forward to the ProOrtho FE meeting in a couple weeks, the gathering of Facebook forum members at the AAO Annual session to raise issues with the Board Of Trustees and The MKS Forum this fall, I’m optimistic that the massively expanded interconnectivity among orthodontists in groups like these and others may lead to a change in our profession. Perhaps the Winter of our discontent will come to an end and we will see a Spring thawing of relationships between those in charge of our member organization and the members in desperate need of support? Perhaps we can find the resolve to educate the public about the difference between PCDs and Orthodontic Specialists? Perhaps the AAO will realize that its mission is to serve the members and listen to our suggestions for change? Perhaps members of our profession will wake up and actually do something rather than just talk and complain? Perhaps.
I’m not often overcome by such fits of optimism given my efforts and experiences and failures in this arena over the last 5 plus years. Maybe it’s a camaraderie hangover. Maybe I’m on an informational high. Maybe it’s this beautiful setting. But I feel optimistic and I’m going to run with it. Why not? Let’s redouble our efforts this spring and see what we can accomplish in Orlando and beyond.

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  1. Awesome! Let’s all pull together in concert to change the tide!

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